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 Themba's Environmental education centre in progress. Please follow and copy the link:


Themba's Educational Centre




A little bit of context

Themba Mthembu is one of many community bird guides that have been trained by BirdLife South Africa over the past 16 years and is a shining example of how a man who has dedicated his life to improving the lives of his community and spreading the word of conservation can succeed. In recent year Themba did more than just bird guiding on a daily basis and he established Zulubirding Consulting,Vukukhanye Development project and TA Training and waste management.


TA Training conduct touristguides and field guide conservation trainings around local communities and reserves.It also introduces school children and the youth to the importance of bird conservation and sustainable use of the environment. The centre in progress seeks to facilitate the relationship between man and nature so that they can live in harmony with each other.


The edu-care and backpackers centre in progress boasts accommodation facilities and a conference hall, which is designed for boardroom meetings and training services during the visitors short stay in the area. The value-for-money rates make this an affordable destination in the local area.

The locally qualified bird guides and facilitators will showcase their abundant knowledge of birding and other wildlife and cultural knowledge. The guides are available to do formal training as well as daily guided tours or longer if required.

The centre focuses mainly on avi-tourism and bird conservation, but is also well suited for backpackers, schools, and community excursions.


But there’s a problem for Themba:


He is now at a critical point in the building construction and is in need of financial support. The centre needs to complete the electrical installation, flooring and furniture to finish the construction project.

Here’s what he’s doing about it

At this point, Themba (company owner) is saving every dollar he can to put toward this project. He has also reached out to a fellow friend and wildlife photographer in Canada to help raise funds.


They are looking to raise US$6000 in order to make the centre fully functional. All funds generated will be dedicated towards completing the electrical installation, flooring, doors and other furniture.


The project wants to help improve the local tourism services by offering skills programs, training and skills development, and through targeting locally unemployed youth, men and women, enable them to gain skills in the work place and to instil in them a diverse respect and knowledge of their natural surroundings.


Another donation site is available at  on the websites “store” page. We are desperately trying to make a difference, are you willing to help?

For more info on how to donate please contact me at


There is no doubt TA Training is aimed at changing and developing the livelihoods of the local communities neighboring the coastal IBAs(Important Birding Areas), through biodervisty conservation Education


Notes to read:


Despite many such concerted conservation efforts for our progressive environmental legislation this country’s biodiversity still remain amongst the most threatened on the planet as loss continues to escalate at an alarming rate with at least third of biodiversity rich ecosystem pushing towards a brink of extinction


Therefore it pops up that the ongoing biodiversity loss in the rural areas is due to the lack of awareness and capacity from the grassroot.Implementing and enforcing environmental polices is still very much dependent on community members, their leaders’ understanding the value of biodiversity and having the knowledge and skills to actively address the environmental issues at ground level to the benefit of their livelihood and environment.


It is therefore crucial to educate rural communities on the significance of biodiversity, its value, wise use and sustainability


Main Objectives & Activities will include the following: 

  • Effectively create awareness and understanding of the value of, and threats to biodiversity.
  • Conduct participatory workshops in rural areas communities and schools in areas of threatened biodiversity.
  • Motivate community leaders and educators through active and participatory learning to take an active role in protecting biodiversity.
  • Community workshops, training including schools engagement.
  • Community action project and evaluation.
  • Tourism &Hospitality training and monitoring
  • Social &Environmental education.
  • and social awareness including HIV/AIDS.